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Django #1: 1990-1996

The original Django... took a while to get this name and it was quite a debate for some time. Name taken from the Jon Lewis song in "The Real Book" (which none of us own, of course) entitled "Django". Nice name we thought, weren't exactly sure about the correct pronunciation. People would wonder if we were a Django Reinhardt cover band. From Saratoga High School to UCSB in Santa Barbara, this quartet inspired LAG in every way in their pursuit of making good music. This was the foundation for it all. And a quite succesful band as well, consitently touring the West Coast to maintain those post-high school connections in college, producing several studio projects, while continually building their musical sensibilities.

Dan Lebowitz: guitar, vocals
Steve Adams: bass, vocals
Zach Gill: keys, vocals
Matt West: drums, vocals

Residence: Saratoga, CA/ Santa Barbara, CA
Touring: West Coast

Frequented Performance Locations:
Country Store Cafe and Restaurant/ One Step Beyond/ SHS events/ Calypso/ Anisq' Oyo Park, I.V./ various parties in CA

Django "Contact"
Django "Tabula Rasa"
"Santa Barbara's Unsigned Heroes II" featuring Django's "Fasting Showman"

Django Live at Gill rehearsal studios/ Country Store Cafe and Restaurant/ Alex's Cantina/ Anisq' Oyo Park/ Cactus Club/ 6606 Del Playa garage sessions/ KTYD/ IV Theater/ The Underground/ Halfway House Del Playa

The Big Yellow House / Carpentaria, CA / Spring 1994

The Country Store Cafe / Saratoga, CA / circa 1992

Steve at Wildwood Park / Saratoga, CA / circa 1991

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